The Astronauts

In my artistic universe, astronauts symbolize the human spirit of exploration and curiosity. They traverse not only the vast reaches of space but also the depths of human imagination and emotion. Clad in their space suits, these explorers navigate through surreal landscapes, encountering elements both terrestrial and alien. Each astronaut's journey is a metaphor for venturing into the unknown realms of our minds and the universe, reflecting our innate desire to discover and understand beyond the visible. Their presence in my art invites viewers to contemplate the larger questions of existence and our place within the cosmos, making each piece a profound exploration of the infinite and the intimate.

Comic style

Ces images représentent des astronautes, des extraterrestres et des paysages bizarres avec des lignes nettes et des compositions actives qui rappellent aux lecteurs l'esthétique de la bande dessinée. Ce style est attrayant et, en même temps, il magnifie l’essence surréaliste et contemporaine de mes thèmes, mélangeant le fantastique et le réel dans une harmonie visuelle. Chaque pièce présente un portail vers un univers où l'extraordinaire est la norme, chaque image apportant de nouveaux hémisphères d'imagination.

Mycélie mystique

In this gallery, explore the deep and mystical connection between the natural world and the subtler dimensions of our reality through the lens of mushrooms. Each work is a celebration of these fascinating organisms, not only as founding elements of the Earth's ecosystem, but also as catalysts for spiritual connection and personal transformation.

Mushrooms, with their mycelial networks that silently weave the fabric of life beneath our feet, embody the link between life and death, the visible and the invisible. They remind us that the boundaries between the real and the surreal are not as defined as we might think, offering unique perspectives on symbiosis, regeneration and the mystique of existence.

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